"What you look hard at seems to look hard at you." ~ Gerard Manley Hopkins I've spent a good part of my week thinking about what it means to apologize. I've been thinking about what it means for institutions, politicians, and countries, but also what it means on the intimate level. As kids it's often … Continue reading Apologizing


Recreating Our No

I recently finished reading Robin Coste Lewis' Voyage of the Sable Venus: and other poems. I had originally added it to my reading list because of my interest in the central cycle of poems, which build a narrative entirely out of titles of artworks that in some way comment on the black female figure in Western … Continue reading Recreating Our No


Today’s 10 minute, unedited free write, based on the Daily Post’s daily prompt: Visceral The internet tells me that my organs can’t be counted because there is no standard definition of what tissues are organs. The word’s Greek whispers a clue though: that with which one works. The vet called yesterday when my cat was … Continue reading Viscera