Today’s 10 minute, unedited free write, based on the Daily Post’s daily prompt: Overcome

They came to me at the graveside of one grandfather, but were nearly so late to the funeral of the other grandfather that I thought they wouldn’t show at all.

They didn’t come to the justice of the peace’s office the December I married my love, though hers came. They did come the night before my first wedding, silently, after all the lights had gone out and the sentries of my mind slept.

They often came in the therapy that followed and when they did, Glenn would have to remind me to breathe. They often won’t let me breathe. They often don’t let me speak either.

So while I was somewhat surprised they didn’t come yesterday, I was relieved to have my voice. As I read the poem I’d written for my sister’s wedding at the rehearsal, I could my voice, clear and slow, bouncing off the church walls.

I read the final words and looked into faces smiling and full of them, in eyes or on cheeks and noses. It was both strange and perfectly normal to see them there for others but not feel their arrival for me. As often as they come unbidden, I have to invite them. Remind them. Tell them they are welcome, that they can come over.

Even then, I don’t always know that they’ll answer my invitation. Tears have been like that all my life. We’ll see if they come to the wedding today. I won’t hold my breath for them.

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